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Antispray Tapes

Spray Stop Tape
Splash Tape

T-ISS Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape is used for applications in the marine & offshore industry. This hightech laminated multilayer aluminium tape, has been designed by safety specialists in order to prevent spray outs of hazardous liquids (oil / fuel) from tubing systems. These liquids can cause extremely dangerous situations like fires, explosions or other dangerous situations. According to SOLAS regulations, ships should apply appropriate protection to prevent leakage / splashing of flammable oil from FO, LO hydraulic and other systems.


Technical data

Maximum pressure: 15 bar
Maximum temperature: +160 ºC continuously / +200 ºC shortly
Adh. material tolerance: – 70 ºC up to 200 ºC
Adhesion: 1000 g / 25 mm
Shelf life: 3 years

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